The Introduction

I'm Portia.

How many times have you wondered if something you dreamed of doing would actually come to life? Over a dozen times...right? Don't worry I'm with you, especially when it came to having my own television and radio show.

In 2016, after a few trial and error attempts, I decided that I was going to aggressively walk my vision into a tangible product. That's when Just Us W/th Portia Bright and The Press Release took flight. Oh my has it been a success! I've interviewed doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and elected officials. Just as I had hoped, it all came to life, and I started touching lives right sitting in the comfort of their own living rooms. When I heard myself on Awesome Radio 106.9 FM while riding in my car, I knew I had started a journey that would impact the lives of many. What a joy that has been!

Both the Just Us W/th Portia Bright and The Press Release Radio Show are designed to pique the interest of younger mid-life/mid-career professionals between the ages of 21-40 years old. Each show features a variety of contemporary discussion topics in a relaxed retro-urban informal setting.

The Projects

I'm Creating.

The mission of the Just Us W/th Portia Bright Talk Show is to add versatility in the way that we display culture, engage young people, and provide a platform to expose people to innovative thought provoking topics.

The buck doesn't stop there, I want to help my viewers tear down the obstacles of the mind and body that has held them back. I want to help my viewers leave fear in the dust and move forward more than ever by empowering them with my testimony and that of my present and future guests! I believe everyone deserves a life that they love. So lets start together and what better time than today?

My interests are limited only by my imagination. My projects are multi-media in scope and without geographic boundaries. I believe that we can accomplish more together than separately.

So let's hook up and get something started...right now!

The Guests

I'm Inviting.

There are so many people I want to talk to. Their stories are inspiring and insightful at a time when many feel disrespected and tolerated instead of accepted for who they are. We all have something to offer, and through Just Us W/ith Portia Bright, I'm inviting others...those with stories of inspiration, sacrifice, education, and more to join me on the show.

We don't have time to waste. There is too much at stake. The world is changing and not always for the better. So I refuse to be a spectator in my life. I refuse to sit on the sidelines. This is more serious than a game, and if you understand stand the challenges before us and what needs to be done, I know that you refuse to sit on the sidelines also. 

Therefore, I am extending this offer to you. Join me as a guest on the show. Partner with me as a show sponsor. Consider becoming a business partner, and let's find ways to work together. If you can dream it, you can be it. Join me.